Founder Story - How a Small Group of Entrepreneurs Created a Successful Start-up in Mumbai

This week, I was joined by the lovely Andrea from Putler to discuss their humble beginnings. Back in 2010, after being frustrated by not being able to clearly analyze their sales on PayPal, they soon noticed how inefficient the process was. So, they decided to solve the problem themselves. Together, they developed a web application to see the data from their various online shops in one place.

Join us as we discuss how they managed to grow organically and create a great product that their customers are still using a decade later.

Check out Putler over at (affiliate link to support the channel).

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Artem : Hi, guys. Artemhere and welcome to another episode of Daniliants Ventures podcast today wehave Andrea with us from Putler and we'll talk ecommerce analytics. I have afunny story how I actually got to know about Putler, I worked with a project wherea few Etsy stores were involved also, Shopify store and so forth. And I wantedto find a solution which would allow me to see all the shops, you know, and seehow they're performing. See how business is performing, you know, month tomonth in different channels. But also, you know, I wanted to be able to diveinto a specific shop and see how that performs. And then all of a sudden, Ilanded on the landing page for Putler and, you know, became a paying customer.So I thought it'd be really nice when I found out especially that the startupis based in India. I thought that's even more exciting because I would be ableto talk a little bit more about startups in India and how the tech sector youknow, is doing in India. But, Andrea, thank you very much for participating inthe podcast. Please tell me a little bit about yourself and the company.

Andrea : So, Hi Artem, thank you for having meon. Firstly, I am decision maker have both for so basically I look at all themarketing activities, I look at the customer acquisition, I also look at thecustomer relationship or partner, I'm  a decisionmaker in where theproduct is going. So one of the features will be one of the trends. So youknow, all in all, just being, you know, owning the product. That is what I do.I partner about the tool so like, the way that you introduced it, that is Ithink that is a perfect introduction. And then we do business analytics andwhat we are wanting to do is we wanted to give entrepreneurs one window wherethey can, you know, pull in all their data and see a holistic view of thebusiness. Okay, so basically, Putler will connect, it brings in, you know,payment data form of payment gateways, it pulls in your transactional data fromyour ecommerce platforms. And it also pulls in, you know, the traffic data, thewebsite traffic data from G. So it brings in all this data processes and bringsthe data removes the duplicates, and shows you both the main idea is not surewhat's gonna give you insights. So that was a whole thing about your and whatwe are doing.

Artem : Thank you very much. That's a very goodintro and you know, you're based in India right? The company is based in India.How old is the company, if I'm asked?

Andrea : So we started off way back in 2010. Soit's 10 years now. Yes. And we are based in Mumbai, India, and it's like abooming sector for the tech here. And startup scene is really like growing upmore ecommerce websites. In fact, you know, we get a lot of customers fromIndia itself, because there are a lot of tech startups which have been, youknow, booming are people who are doing freelancing, or you know, all thesesectors are doing in India.

Artem : Okay, okay, that's good. But, you know,when you think about it, can you tell me a little bit about the founding of thecompany, you know, you mentioned that it started in 2010. Did somebody youknow, have a like, aha experience, like, okay, I want to do this and that, youknow, how was it funded? You know, were you guys able to fund yourself or didyou have some help? Maybe from private investors, how does that work in India?

Andrea : Yes, yes. So we started off for like,we just enter the entrepreneur, like we were entrepreneurs. And we started offselling products, basically in 2009. And we started off selling products on aplatform on se Johnson. And the payment gateway we use was PayPal. So beinglike fresh entrepreneurs, we wanted to know how much sales you're making, whoare our customers, you know, so, we It was very difficult each on did not havea voting platform then and we had to depend completely on paper. Okay, sowhenever a sale was made, and then he wanted to know we had to log into PayPaland if people have used PayPal, then they know that it was really slow. Youhave to go into you know, you have to go into a dashboard. You have to findyour sales. And if we can find out you don't love all this stuff, tying themtogether. frustrating sometimes you're logging into PayPal. So we ended uplogging into PayPal 12 times during a day. And it was like, you know, we haveto have a solution, which will just give me the numbers right off the bat.Okay, so we tried searching for a solution. And finally, there was not like meto find a solution, which could show me numbers, also mistakes. So being a techcompany, what we thought was we just created a PHP script, which will hit thePayPal API and give us sales. And once we got that we found Okay, I want toknow what the customers which product was selling. So we started making aprototype or we created a prototype of Putler. And we liked it. So we just gavethat prototype to other customers. So to add all these customers that we hadwere entrepreneurs, so we felt that they would have a similar need a similarenvironment. So we just gave them prototype for free, ask them for feedback. Weuse it and we started coming up with feature requests. You know, we want thisand this, so and, you know, it was from these customers that they said that,you know, there's nothing out there like Putler, okay, nothing is showing youdata from multiple sources. If I'm having multiple websites that entrepreneurstend to have, where we have multiple Etsy or Shopify, there's nothing showingme data from all these sources at one place. So why don't you monetize on thistool? And I think that is the aha moment where we just fell in love with thisidea of this necessity. That would be a production. And I think that is when webuild a desktop app. So Butner was basically a desktop app in 2010. Yes, so itwas a desktop app only for people. And we didn't do a lot of marketing for it.It was our first customers were the people who used it who had a feedback andwere ready to pay for it. So, you know, we did some sumo beans. We also didsome Indian marketing or foreign deals. And I think it's all the brave problemwhich people were facing. Nobody was solving it and that is how you know Putlercame to be. So web and then desktop app. In these 10 years we have grown sofast that so what do you see today is popular as a web app. We also have aChrome extension. And from just being a PayPal app today we are supportingaround 17 integrations. So I think that is believed that Putler has taken andwe're as happy you know, we just happy solving this problem that even today Idon't think there is any other tool that solves it as you know as widely aspossible. We are happy solving it we are giving the entrepreneurs one you willneed. So that was mdnr via both steps. We are not funded by any VC. So, we arebootstrapped, we have, you know, we build a product, we treat our customerslike family, we will ask them for feedback. And I think whatever feedback theygive is very important for us. So, we take that and we all think about featuresand we try to give them more to the customer.

Artem : Very good, very good. I remember I sawa review of Putler because, obviously, you know, when people especially techsavvy people, they see different tools, first of all, they, they start, youknow, searching for reviews, just trying to find out, you know what people aresaying about the product and I remember somebody wrote a review about yourproduct saying that, you know, this product saved my shop, you know, in it orsomething like that. And I was like, wow, that's that's really, really good.You know, feedback, I should definitely give it a try. And I like it and Ithink there are similar maybe tools I mean, like you could, for example,connect all the different API's if you know how to do it to, for example DataStudio, right, if you know how to do things yourself, but for people who arenot tech savvy, you just click connect a few times you wait for the data toarrive to your server. And then you will be able to, you know, drill down andso forth. And you have a nice chrome extension that you can install and use.Etsy so for example, if it serves, if it sees email address on the page, itwill be able to tell you customer information. So if you're answering like Etsysupport questions, you will be able to see like, hey, this guy ordered from us,you know, like twenty times, you know, very important customer and so forth. SoI like I like the product for sure. And it's really interesting that you didn'tactually get any money, you bootstrapped it yourself, right. And so how manypeople are working now for the company? If I'm asked.

Andrea : So we are small company like we onlyhave a team of seven who work on Putler. We have other brands like we have ourRandom Store apps for basically do coupons plugins there. We also have iotherWordPress plugin. So there are different teams, but for now we are seven peoplewho work entirely on. And I think they are closely knitted if you don't havelevels or we don't have, you know, that kind of bureaucracy that comes with abigger company. So I think that is also a key pointer by Putler takes fast decisionsand planning and we are we are more, you know, same level.

Artem : Yeah, yeah, of course, of course. Imean, small teams are wonderful, especially, you know, that there is a, I guessthere is a sensation of, you know, doing something together, like reallypushing forward. Because if you, you know, have a huge company, there are likehundreds of people working, it's very hard to feel you know, that you're partof the team and you're working together. It's more of bureaucracy, meetings,meetings, about meetings and so forth. So it's understandable but are you guysprofitable? You know, are you able to sustain yourself, you know, perfectlybased on the revenue coming from the you know Putler itself?

Andrea : Yeah, so we are profitable. Becauseit's a SaaS and what you've seen in particular is once a person, you know,becomes a customer, you remain, they don't want to go, you know, they don'tturn out unless they are, you know, shutting down businesses or this somethingmajor. So I think we are blessed with customers and we are just trying to solveissues or make features that are not available elsewhere. I think that is wherethe key lies, and that's how we become profitable. So if you are having thesame features that an XYZ has, you are like just competing with the market orinto a red ocean. So we tend to, you know, we tend to be smart in that portion.And I think the tool is like, the tool speaks for itself so it is a solid, andpeople who just tried out they liked it. It's all their issues and then theystick on with us. So in that we are touchwood. Very, very lucky in that. Soyes, we can we are sustaining ourselves. We are still not funded. We are stillbootstrap. And I have been a proud of that.

Artem : Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I think you should beproud of that. Because, you know, in the days of awesome stories from SiliconValley, when people are raising millions and billions of dollars, you know,it's really nice and refreshing to see somebody who is able to bootstrap andmaybe, of course, I'm not, you know, I don't know how things work, for example,in the area  where you are, is there a lot of venture capital is there alot of angel funding and so forth. But again, you know, that money never comesfor free, right? There is some attachment to it, there is maybe a change ofstrategy, you give up maybe some of the, you know, voting power you have and soforth. So maybe you want it to remain independent, right? One of the reasonswhy you probably bootstrapped

Andrea : Yeah. So I think bootstrapping isgreat because it gives you the complete power of where you want to go. And oncea VC enters in there are, you know, they might see want to steer the productionin different direction. So I think while we are free from all of that we aremore grounded. We can, you know, talk to our customers ask them feedback, wecan look at trends and we can share the product in that fashion. So, I thinkthat is why we have stuck on to bootstrap and I think they're surviving. Ithink that's driving. You know, when people are, you know, or not surviving. Ithink that is when they go into venture capitals. We are fighting for now. Soit's all good.

Artem : Yeah. So, can you talk how manycustomers do you have on like, you know, maybe even a rough estimate. Are wetalking hundreds or ...?

Andrea : Yes. So, for now, we have peoplearound 7000 people have tried out Putler so, we have been, you know, we startedwith a free trial. So, you know that is a show that we have around 1000customers who are paying, okay. And there are also people are like if supposeyou are the customer and you must be having teammates so, so we are alsopartners not just for the founder, you can give access to a support guy, youcan give access to your marketing team. So, everybody in a company can knowwhere the company stands. So, in that so we have odd round thousand people whouse Putler like for the paid ones, the teammates, so it's that is the numberthat we have

Artem : Okay, okay, so, so basically if youthink about it thousand customers paying customers, but that includes theirteammates, and I don't think you charge for additional seats right now.

Andrea : So we don't charge for additionalseats now, the basic idea for that was we want, you know, people to become moredatadriven. So, generally admins or CEOs tend to not give access to peoplebecause they have to either give access to their PayPal and stripe or theentire admin. So with Putler we have different roles. So if you are a supportguy, you would want to know who their customer is, you will want to know howlong the customer is or whether he's a loyal customer, whether he is just a newcustomer. So I think we have defined goals and everybody if you have Putler,you can become data driven, who can make decisions based on data? So I thinkthat is the thing we are not looking at monetizing, you know you're giving 10people access to hundreds of you will not be in charge again. Our mainmotivation to help, smaller teams have help even bigger teams just make senseof their data. So I think the angle that we come from is helping people and notjust monetize.

Artem : Yeah, I think it's really good when youhave a nice strong vision that you know, you're actually you know, feeling youknow, committed to people feel it as well and then you know, like product andeverything, the product vision product roadmap, it kind of works out becauseyou are starting from the position How can we help these guys do better at thisand that, so I like that. I like the idea. I was also surprised when I startedusing Putler I was like, well, they don't charge for extra seats, because inmany applications, you know, you know, access is based on the seats that youhave be the time you know, tracking application or something else. Many toolsdecided to monetize once you start having a team and you know, you start payingBig Bucks once you start to get their email But I think it's really nice thatyou're able to give access to the support guy maybe again, I don't know, isthere any like levels so can you say like, hey, support guy can see transactionhistory, but he cannot see, for example, financial data.

Andrea : So we have two levels for now, likethe admin and the support so the admin can see all the data, you can see allthe dashboards into finance, you can see the transaction history, the supportguys are mostly people who will be doing refunds who will be managing thingswho just want to know who the customer is and what he has bought, what is it.So we have hidden all the things formulas, we have access to the sales and the transactions.That will not the KPIs but only the only the list where they can't see any ofthe financials, we can only see the transactions for everybody. Yeah, so it'sgonna be sticky. In that portion, and I think that is the main reason whypeople even give us support.

Artem : Yeah, yeah, I think it makes a lot ofsense. It makes a lot of sense. And then in the end, there has been a push, ina way for transparency in companies, right? I mean, in a small company, youknow, you might be a little bit unwilling, you know, to give me access tofinancial information. But once it gets big enough, it's just a random data.You know, nobody really cares about it from that perspective, like, oh, thefounder is making this much money. You know, I gotta ask for another raise. Soat some point, you know, it just becomes numbers, and everybody wants to juststrive and do better, but it's really it's really good. I noticed that youmentioned that you use the AppSumo at some point four or something like that,right? At some point for marketing. So basically, you had a product ready andyou wanted to get some people on board and you're trying different tactics,right. So you were trying, I'm sure you try and maybe paid advertising, right?Maybe you try that. Or I don't know, please, please, please

Andrea : At this stock or we didn't do any sortof paid advertising. We just with a prototype, it was just an extra. We wanteda few initial customers and that's when we went to []. We validated them. Also,we got a lot of Im words who picked up. We also did some Im tokens very random.And I think it just went has a ripple effect. So I'm a sonic talking about allthe lighting, there was a word of mouth. So I think initially, we didn't have alot of paid advertisements, as such. We were banking on our customers, we arevery generous customers who are like yourself, you know, they will promote itor they will speak about it just because they liked it. So I think, you know, alot of emotions came from that way as well. Today we are you know doing a lotof content marketing, we are doing you know, SEM that is paid advertisements orwe are also into email marketing or sometimes even cold emails or more targetedsegments, okay so we are analyzing who our customer can be what are what theyare our problems are they have multiple websites and we know that okay, we arebetween which can be used. So they're not just bombarding emails to anyone inrandom. We are doing a lot of smart marketing in that sense. And yeah, so fairadvertisements came very late in the form of establishing paid advertisementsprobably or your or your or two years now, but initially it was everything wasorganic, and I think it worked for us because we have very generous customerswhich is still you will not give us a testimonial or speak about it even afternot asking for it.

Artem : Yeah, Yeah. And it's probably the bestway to market your product anyway, somebody is really happy, they recommendyour products, you know, to others. But in AppSumo, for those who don't know,AppSumo is a platform where you can, if you have a SaaS product or digitalproducts, in most cases, you put it out for you know, for sale, you kind oflike say, like, hey, we have a sale going on. And then you can, for example,sell I think it's very popular to sell lifetime deals. So SaaS products that,for example, charge, like, you guys charge from, like, 20 something dollars upto like, closer to 100. And maybe more. They kind of said, like, Hey, we giveyou this one time, you know, lifetime deal. You pay 50 euros and you get theproduct for their, you know, remaining, you know, lifespan of the product. Anddid you do that? How did that work? Did you receive a lot of customers fromthat?

Andrea : Yes, yes. So our initiative Bunch ofcustomers was from an AppSumo where we, the whole idea was to put the productand get visibility. Okay, so we got a lot of customers from there. Or even ifpeople are not customers, you know you have a word of mouth which goes, theyknow about it. And they like it and they tell others about it. So I thinkAppSumo was a perfect platform because they give you the visibility there aresimilar like minded entrepreneurs there and that was a valuable, so we had togo they don't have you know, I don't remember that he went on there. And rightthen but no was just okay. So I didn't have a waiting or you know, a $20 Pluswe started off with $9.90. I don't remember the exact number or the figure thathappened 10 years back. But yeah, we did. Oh, nice. Thank you. That is howabsolutely and all we did get customers from there. We got good qualitycustomers are still using, you know, I'm so shocked that you know, people whoare even 10 years down the line are also customers to me. So and I think thatthat is as an entrepreneur or as  product owner, that is what you want,you know, you want people to genuinely like you. And I think that is what makesPutler clients really happy.

Artem : Very good. Very good. So switchinggears a bit what is like, you know, starting a tech company in India, is therea lot of bureaucracy? Are you guys registered in India? Or did you decide toregister somewhere else? Maybe US or maybe Europe? How did that, you know, workand how does it work? Allow if I'm asked.

Andrea : Yes. So I'm not the right person.

Artem : But you still have some information.

Andrea : I have a sense of it. So we are whenwe started off, it was you know, ecommerce is just booming in. And the founderhas a technical background. So he is both a tech guru and also has, you know,some affinity towards marketing. So he had started this company. And we believethat the technology has made it so easy. If you have a good product, you justput it up on the website. And you know, you do a bit of marketing and you'readapting this table. So it wasn't very difficult as such, and because we arebootstrapped, it wasn't difficult. He had to find a venture capitalist, you'llhave a different story. But it's very simple in that sense. You don't have tocomplete all the other you're whatever you have to be as a legal thing. And Ithink it was not that.

Artem : Yeah, so but but you incorporated thecompany or the founder, Incorporated company. India right I think?

Andrea : Yes. Yes. So it was not the firstcompany that we went in with all we had different brands. Okay, so. So we areall the brands for now. StoreX and Iceland. So all three are Lego sisterbrands, we, we have teams working for it. And we have. So basically it was nothis first venture, but it was nonetheless it is his baby. So, you know, wetreat all our brands like kids and we watch them.

Artem : Yeah, so basically it you know, it's atech company, right, that creates different brands, different products. And Putleris one of them. You mentioned you know, there is a WordPress plugin and stufflike that. But is Putler The biggest one?

Andrea : So right now Putler is all right. Ifyou have to, like, look at it, it's a second. So we have WooCommerce. So wehave Store apps, which is basically a marketplace for all the WooCommerceplugins. So we are a third party WooCommerce developers as well. And we havemultiple products there. It's basically for WooCommerce. So websites or if theywant plugins people can go there, or what Iscram was something which came last.So it is the last of the brands that we came up with. It is basically it wasn'tone plugin when it launched, we have three plugins and everything does otherthings. Also, we are solving a particular issue or with is a different issuewith WooCommerce. So everything has a different usecase.

Artem : Yeah. So you you basically, you know,find a pain point and you create a tool. Yes. You know, that solves thatproblem. But you look that somebody else is not solving the same problem. Soyou try to attack maybe things that are not necessarily solved, at least not inthe same way by others. As you mentioned before, you said that you want to dosomething, you know a little bit different, you want to create a product thatis different compared to other offerings on the market, which allows you alsoto charge a bit more because there is not, for example, you know, if youcompete with I don't know, like WooCommerce on WordPress, if you create acompeting plugin, if there is already a WooCommerce plugin that solves youknow, the needs, then it's very unlikely that you will get a lot of traction. Andfor example, I found your product because I was searching and just googling howto connect multiple Etsy stores to a dashboard. And I was just trying to finddashboards, there is a lot of like data, dashboards or websites. I mean, thereis a lot of those, you know, those data box there is, you know, Google DataStudio and many others Cyphy and so forth. But then none of them focus on Etsy.I think Etsy is very interesting because Etsy is a huge platform. And there area lot of entrapreneurs, who are doing pretty well. But there is not a lot oftools for Etsy. I think when it comes to analytics, because I think a lot ofthe shops, most of the shops, I would say, maybe 90% of the shops are peoplewho are not doing it full time with a big team. It's just single people hereand they're small teams. That so it's really hard to find a really goodanalytical tool for Etsy platform. And for me, that was the hook because youhad Etsy support and you had Etsy support for multiple, multiple shops. How wasyour Etsy customers are there the majority of your customers and you know,could you shed a light little bit on Etsy how that came about and what kind ofcustomers you have in that sector?

Andrea : Yes. So when we started off with Etsy,I think that is what we saw. He saw that many people sell on Etsy and notnecessarily they are not big teams, they are not even small, sometimes singleguy just selling handmade things or something which is more creative. So wefound it very interesting. And we thought, this is the person that we wouldwant to do this. Okay, so the partner we wanted to help start single guys alsogrow their business and we saw that he did give you some time. But, you know,how are enhancing that? How about making these guys just look at data and givethem more insights on it. I think that is where we looked at Etsy we created aready made integration because these guys might not even be techies. So we justsaid that, you know, let's make it very simple for the school that connect andit's done. So we tryied doing nothing we have a lot of se clients and the lastpartner or the best thing for Etsy clients is you know, they don't have onestore we have different shops we just set up and as you said there's nobody whois you know, pulling up or data from all those shops, if they want to knowanything they need the board to individually check the numbers, say that anExcel sheet probably made those, your csps and things like that. So we saidokay, you don't have to do all this, you know, you just connect all yoursources to Putler and either you can see the whole thing at one place or eithereven make, you know different proportions or, you know, different views foreach of your shop and you can go through that. So I think it becomes very easyone is people, people from Etsy, especially like Putler because it is notcomplicated. You just go there you see all your stats, you see how yourbusiness is performing, you get the insights, and it's actually a view, you cansee who your customers were loyal customers and send them out Get email, youcan see when your stores performing the best. And you can, you know, take anaction on that. So I think Etsy is a sweet spot for us. We have a lot ofcustomers and we are just helping them grow their individual business. Like I loveto see people when they grow their business and when they say, that they growbecause of Putler. I think that is like a mission accomplished for us.

Artem : Yeah, yeah. It's, it's a good feeling.You know, you're like, you know, you're making money by providing others with areally useful tool that helps them grow their business and, you know, supporttheir families and so forth. That's, that's really, really nice. I think,amazing feature that I am personally, if I can put on the wish list for Buttler,there is one thing missing to make it the best. One thing missing, I think tomake it the best and you already have connection to the Shopify andWooCommerce. And let's see what one thing that would truly I think, make mewant to even pay more easily if I'm able to manage inventory across shops nowthat that would be a killer feature.

Andrea : Yes. So push down on this side, a lotof customer, you know, pause for them, and people have come up with. So I havebeen storing that lecture. I am marketer, I do recognize that it is physicalproducts, or inventory management is the thing that people would want to do.And I think it is something that I've wished before and I will be pushingpeople to look at it because, you know, right now we were more into giving theminsights into marketing into sales and things like that. So eventually thewhole new game, but I think it is not something that we wouldn't pursue, wewill, but like, I can't give a timeline.

Artem : Of course, I don't mind at all. I'mjust saying that you know, analytical part of things you know, is really greatyou get insights for example, every morning working on different projects I canjust open Putler on the phone and see you know, the sales dropped for example20% and then it's like everybody hands on deck, you know, let's let's come upwith a way to you know, bring the sales back. But the biggest time waster youknow, if you have multiple shops is managing the inventory, because many Etsysellers, especially when they, you know, have already enough sales, they startto open their own web shop, you know, like WooCommerce or Shopify, many go toShopify, obviously, because not very techie. And then you sell same things onEtsy, and you sell same things in Shopify, and now you have to kind of managepictures, options, everything you know, and I think there is a huge marketopportunity because some of the Etsy sellers they make over a mill a year. Yes.So if you think about it, if you save them a lot of manual work definitelysomebody will, you know, gladly pay, I don't know, hundred, $200 a month.

Andrea : Yes. So this has lost our mind and Ithink it is a very attractive or attractive way that Putler can go into. Sothank you for just, you know, you're showing that I did have a lot of clientsas relates specifically I think Etsy clients or majority who asked for thisfeature, their inventory was concerned. And I think this just reiterates thefact like, you know, that is a pressing problem that people have and no, likegoing by our track record, I think so we try to identify such things and thatis very going so probably I might, you know, just to see how best we can do.

Artem : Yeah, of course, of course, you know,if it makes sense and you have the resources, definitely something that Ipersonally will be willing to pay a little bit more for. So you know, morerevenue, you know, growth for the company, but switching gears to other things.How is situation now in India, you guys working from home like your team? Idon't see if it's an office or appartment.

Andrea : This is my home.

Artem : Oh, this is your home. It looks lovely.You have the same flowers I have what is it like? It's a, it's a mother in lawtime or something.

Andrea : I don't really know what flowers ihave. I really love. And that is how, like I havea lot of flowers. This is justthe main entrance. Right. And so, back to your situation that you said. So it'sbeen months that we have been working from home in India, like we had anofficial lockdown the whole country. For a few months, it has just startedopening. So Mumbai is a bustling city. And, you know, there are a lot of peoplea lot of fall out of pockets. It's like of the most stable economy. They arethe most farms related city in India. And it has Yes, so it has gone to astandstill. But I think they'll be happy opening up. So the lockdown have beengetting more relaxed now people are more, you know, for a very like healthconscious right now and then I think that's just what is happening around theworld. But I think we are blessed enough to work from home and we are theentire team is taking all the precautions. But I think we are not letting thatsetback. We are also working towards it. Being a tech company, I think it givesyou that, you know power that liberty to walk and also grow your product. Soluckily, we are not very affected. But I think we do miss seeing each other aswell. But right now, remote, remote remote is good. You know, you can alwaysHop on. I have meeting. So we do have meetings like that.

Artem : Yeah, yeah, yeah. So but but situationnow I would say there how would you classify your the, you know, the lockdownis, I don't know opening up a bit it's changing people are, you know, againseen on the street and stuff or is it still pretty tight?

Andrea : So people are seen on the streets likewe had around four months of lockdown. So I think everybody was just homebound.And so it was a bit of traction for people who are not very poor, who aremostly people who love going out, things like that. But I think just because ofthe COVID and because of the government in laws that the safety of thecitizens, I think people have taken care of their health just for theirfamilies. And now that it is relaxed, people are moving out, but it's not 100%of Mumbai goes out. So we are just opening up and I think the conditions forthe DND things are improving and I'm looking forward for when the city willagain be at its fullest glory.

Artem : Yeah, for sure for sure. Same here. Iactually already went to a cinema our lockdown is pretty much I live inHelsinki, Finland. And the you know the lockdown is over people are just theyflooded the bars. The cinema just crazy. And most importantly, I went with myson to a like amusement park and it was packed. I've never seen it you know, likenever seen it so full. I'm I'm sure kids were just sitting at home you know,just so tired, so bored. And now when the lockdown is over, they're like let'sgo to amusement park and the price. The price is in amusement park I think theywent ieven up maybe because of the surge in demand but yeah, for somebusinesses COVID has been, you know, terrifying and really scary. And for somebusinesses again that work in e commerce, there is even been a surge, you know,in amount of sales and so forth. And I'm sure for you guys you're in a verygood segment because you can work from home and you work in ecommerce andusually when you know Main Street is closed, when normal shops are closed,ecommerce picks up so there is more demand for analytics, there is more demandmaybe for you know, understanding what is happening, which products aregrowing, which products are not doing so well and so forth. But that's that'sthat's very good. That's very good. I guess that's it. For me, when it comes tothis interview. I had so much fun talking to you, you're very happy and verypositive person. I really truly enjoyed our interview. It's very good to alsoknow a little bit more of how things are, you know, in India when it comes tostartups, but also just in general, how people are feeling, but I'm glad you'redoing well your company is growing. And I hope you guys will be able tomaintain that positive attitude. And hopefully maybe in the year two or maybethree, I will be able to even manage my inventory. You'll never know how itgoes. But thank you very much, Andrea. It's been really really fun.

Andrea : Yes so thank you so much Artem. And Ithink it was really amazing talking to you. I didn't see like, you know, like aformal that I it wasn't a formal interview. It's like to customize and talkingto them. I love doing that. And I love seeing people like you with a passions,and I think it is just the main motive of everything that we do is helpingpeople out. So if people can be motivated, forecast like this, they know more aboutthe company know more about the writing that is what I wanted to show youtoday.

Artem : Yes, thank you. Thank you very much.And we'll have a link to Putler down in description. So check it out guys. Theyhave a nice free trial so give it a go. I personally pay for it. So there is myendorsement at least. Thank you very much